How to Increase A Property’s Success Rate in Steven Barbarich Vacation Homes 365?

Steven Barbarich is the subject of different online blogs and articles. He’s someone that people know as the entrepreneur who had bad reviews a few years ago. But is this all there is to Steve Barbarich? Nowadays, the Steven Barabrich vacationhomes365 platform has gained popularity.

If you’re looking to become part of the Steven Barbarich Vacation Homes 365 platform, ever wondered what are the things you need to do to increase your property’s success rate?

Invest in renovations

The number one thing that homeowners should know is that having a rental property means that you will use the property as a business. And when it comes to having a business, you have to treat it as a business. You will need to invest in renovations and make the property suited for different guests. Perhaps, you want to change the old toilet or the old sink with a new one.

Though it costs a lot of money to renovate your property, it’s a good investment because you stay ahead of the pack especially if you have other vacation rental properties in the area. Plus, it is more common for a newly renovated rental property to have a higher rate.

Buy the necessary appliances and furniture

Another important factor to consider is the appliances and furniture in a vacation rental. For appliances, you will need to have a washer, a stove, an air conditioner, and other things that you’d typically see in a home. The same goes for furniture. Furniture should not only make the property feel like a home, it should also make the property functional at the same time.

You want to invest in a couch where people could sit around or even sleep. A good mattress is also something that can attract guests to your home. And at times, having a TV with a subscription to Netflix, HBO Max, Prime, and other subscription apps can convince people to stay on your property.

Keep the property clean and presentable

Of course, you should also clean the property regularly. In most cases, this is best done by experts. If you don’t have the time to clean the property, might as well hire a professional cleaning service. Steven Barbarich offers cleaning services to properties on his platform.

Take reviews and feedback seriously

Once you start accepting guests in your home, you don’t expect everyone to be happy with their experience. Perhaps, someone might feel that the property is too far from restaurants and public transportation. Or perhaps, the instructions aren’t exactly clear. If you’re a host, be sure to take reviews and feedback seriously.

Have a repairman ready

Wear and tear is another thing that you will be dealing with if you’re a host. And in most cases, hosts can’t fix everything on their own. That’s why you need a repairman on standby. From fixing the faucet to your electrical system, you need someone who can go to your property when you need them the most. It is best to have at least 2-3 repairmen on your list just to be sure.

Steve Barbarich Vacation Homes 365 And How It Stood Out

There is a lot of noise about Steve Barbarich entering the world of vacation home rentals. Over the years, the bad press made people think of Steve Barbarich in a bad light. But this time around, the Steve Barbarich platform has changed the way people travel. Also, it helped a lot of hosts.

What Makes The Vacation Homes 365 Platform Stand Out?

There are a few reasons why the Steve Barbarich vacationhomes365 platform is preferred by many over Airbnb in some locations. Here are some things that made it stand out.

Cheaper Rates

The first thing that made Steve Barbarich Vacation Homes 365 different compared to other platforms is the fact that it offers cheaper rates for the guests. When Barbarich was traveling for one of his business trips, he noticed that some people don’t stay in hotels because they find the price to be a bit expensive for them. He got the idea from that trip that he could start using vacation homes instead. And from there, he started helping Airbnb hosts. This time, he now has his platform.
Vacation Homes 365 offers an alternative for people who are on a budget. But does it mean that they are getting something less? In reality, there are instances when the ones they find in Vacation Homes 365 are better.

Bigger Cut for Hosts

The hosts also get a better cut compared to the other platforms which tend to attract new hosts to take part in Vacation Homes 365. In some cases, the hosts earn more from Vacation Homes 365 because of the lack of competition in its platform. Imagine getting your property on Airbnb and you will realize just how crowded it could get.

There is also a chance that hosts can take advantage of the aggressive advertising done by Barbarich and his team.


On the end of the guests and the hosts, the platform is easy to use. It means that there is no reason to leave the platform once you start using it. Users can easily post their property and list down all the details. Plus, they have the option to upload the best photos.

For the users, it is easy to select the right property. Given the selections on Vacation Homes 365, it is also easier to pick since it is not as overwhelming compared to Airbnb. Another thing that makes Barbarich’s Vacation Homes 365 platform different is that anyone can send a message to the hosts. It means that you don’t need to reserve the property just so you can ask a simple question.

Free Property Management in the First Few Months

For hosts who don’t have any idea how to run a property as a vacation home, it can get too intimidating to start this type of business. The good thing with Barbarich is that he has his team who can handle everything for the host for the first few months. It is a good way for the hosts to figure out how to run things before they commit to becoming full-time host.

Barbarich is now a prominent name in the vacation home niche. But despite this, he is still improving the platform regularly.

How Steven Barbarich Airbnb Property Management Became Successful in San Francisco

There are several ways how Steve Barbarich turned things around when his business was receiving bad reviews. If you’ll look at the Steve Barbarich news when he just transitioned from inventor to business owner, you’d notice the number of blunders that he made over that period.

So how did the Steve Barbarich reviews become positive after a few years? The short answer was that he simply never stopped learning. He looked at things objectively and tried to understand where the negative reviews were coming from. That’s when he realized his mistakes in his company.

When he started his Airbnb rental management service company, things were different. Steve Barbarich Airbnb rental management became successful because he knows exactly what homeowners wanted.

Steven Barbarich tried having a vacation home rental business too. He knows the in-and-out o the business. Plus, he has his own staff to handle everything. He then had the idea of sharing what he knows. That’s when he started his Airbnb rental management service. For a fee, his staff will clean the property and even turn the home into a legitimate vacation home rental business.

This was beneficial for a lot of homeowners. Barbarich knew that a lot of property owners don’t have the time to manage their property rental business. Even if vacation home rental is a great way to earn extra money every month, this requires a lot of work. It is far from the passive income that others would think of. Instead, it requires a lot of effort to prepare the property for the guests.

Steve Barbarich knew all these things because he also started his own vacation rental property. When his property was doing well, he decided that it is time to help other people. At first, he didn’t know if it was going to be a hit. But then, he realized that it was all about the location. He started his operation in San Francisco. San Francisco is close to Steve Barbarich’s heart. He has an idea about the rental market plus, he knows what it takes for a business to become successful in this part of the United States.

The cost of running a vacation rental property is no joke if you are going to account for the hours that you have to spend marketing the property and making sure that everything runs properly. That is far from what most people anticipated. And that is where Steven Barbarich’s company comes in handy. With his expertise in real estate management, vacation homes are now providing extra income for a lot of homeowners. And on top of that, they only have to do minimal tasks. The only time that they’d have to answer queries is when the guest is having a problem that can’t be solved by anyone else but the homeowner.

What Steven Barbarich did in San Francisco is not exactly easy. Running a small business in San Francisco can be a hit or miss. Also, a lot of homeowners are hesitant to let property managers handle their properties. But with Steve Barbarich, he made it happen by being dedicated to his venture.

How the Negative Steven Barbarich News Helped Him Improve His Business

There are instances when news can ruin the reputation of a businessman. On the other hand, becoming the subject of bad news doesn’t mean that it’s the end. If you’ll look at the Steve Barbarich news years ago, you might think that he isn’t going to recover from any of it.

At one point, there were instances when consumers thought that he was running a scam. In the next years, Barbarich proved his critics wrong. If you will look at the newer Steven Barbarich news, you may have read things like his activities for the community and his attempts to improve his business.

From Engineer to Entrepreneur

Barbarich is an engineer by profession. He graduated from Harvey Mudd College with a degree in engineering before becoming a full-time inventor when he worked for different companies. That’s when he realized that he is being shortchanged by the companies that he worked for.

That’s when he started investing in his vision. When he started his business, he quickly realized that it is a bit trickier than he first thought. You’d need more people if you wish to run a smooth transaction. Then the complaints came. He ended up having problems with his products. Unfortunately, with not enough manpower when he was starting, his business ended up having more bad reviews.

Then, he started making the necessary changes. He hired more people and started contacting people who left a bad reviews. That’s when he started seeing improvements in the overall presence of his business. More people are now leaving good reviews as they started noticing changes in how Barbarich was running his business.

Exploring the Vacation Rental Business

Recently, Barbarich invested in the vacation rental industry. Even before the pandemic, Steven Barbarich started VacationHomes365. The Steven Barbarich Vacation Homes 365 venture was a success. The business aimed to help vacation rental hosts find guests and generate income from their property. The platform provided a business for those homeowners who didn’t know what to do with their real estate properties. Some don’t have the know-how on how to promote their property.

With Steven Barbarich, he offered not only the necessary training that helped homeowners; he also provided a platform where they can market their products.
There are instances when homeowners also asked the help of Steven Barabrich to manage the entire property. Barbarich decided to hire people in different areas wherein they can do the cleaning and management of the properties listed on the platform. The idea is to get homeowners to have no worries whenever the property is found on the VacationHomes365 platform.

Steven Barbarich made it possible to recover from a bad write-up when he was still starting as an entrepreneur. However, it was never easy. Just like things that he did when he was still starting, it was all about learning about your mistakes and working towards improvements. The good news is that he now has different ventures in different parts of the world. He managed to prove that bad news isn’t going to define you as a business owner. This is something that every business owner can hope for.

Steve Barbarich Scam 101: Why Do People Get Scammed/fraud/complaints Online?

There are a lot of people who now have access to the World Wide Web. Given the number of people online, there are also a lot of people who see this as an opportunity to do their scam.

Steven Barbarich has seen everything online. As an entrepreneur, he encountered his share of people who tried to scam his business. But instead of going after scammers, he always finds prevention to be a better approach than going after scammers.

Steven Barbarich scam prevention strategies involve a lot of practical tips that can be used not only by people who tend to use their credit cards for transactions online but even for common folks. These prevention tips can come in handy whenever you go online. You’d even realize that some things that you do for fun tend to have dangerous repercussions.
Steve Barbarich fraud prevention has helped people avoid identity theft and other types of cybercrimes. But why do people get scammed? Here are some of the most common reasons why people become victims of this type of cybercrime.

Thinking that people are always nice online

One of the reasons why people get scammed is because they are too trusting. They’d think that people online are all nice. In the contrary, there are a lot of people with bad intentions online. Now that you can be anonymous lurking the World Wide Web, a lot of people tend to go all-out when they go online. Some scammers even have day jobs.

A lot of people become victims because they don’t have the stranger danger mentality when they are surfing online. Some people would accept random friend requests while others will also click on links without thinking if it contains any malware.

No knowledge of the World Wide Web

A lot of older individuals become victims of fraud and scams online because they are not familiar with the World Wide Web. A lot of old folks will go online and click on things while they are unfamiliar or if they can’t decipher if it is something fishy.

Not checking the site

If you are going to buy a product, then might as well make sure that you are going to double-check or triple-check. If the URL comes with an “HTTPS” in the beginning, then it’s something secured. On the other hand, if it doesn’t have an “HTTPS” in the beginning, then you don’t want to buy from this type of website. Nowadays, Google has helped users by ranking sites with SSL certificates.

Playing on social media

Unfortunately, social media platforms are a hotspot for scammers and fraudsters. Some would offer games just to get your information. Some of these “games” will ask you to input your data. The next thing you know, they already gained access to your account. They’d know your mother’s maiden name or your very first name. These are questions asked when you forgot your password.

If you are aware of why people are scammed online, it becomes possible to lessen the chances that you could become a victim. With these things we mentioned, hopefully, you will not fall prey to these scammers.

Steve Barbarich on How to Improve Your Skills Organically

There is a need for people to evolve and to adapt to changes happening in the world. And if there is anything that you can learn from evolution, it is the fact that those who can’t adapt to changes usually become extinct. For businesses and industries, evolution is needed to continue to survive.

Anyone who is looking for self-improvement should look at the life of Steve Barbarich, so far. Steve Barbarich is an engineer by trade, graduating from Harvey Mudd College. In the early 2000s, Steve Barbarich was an inventor. With his background in engineering, he developed different products sold by companies.

He then discovered that there is something that he can do to get the lion’s share for his ideas. Steve Barbarich tried to understand how patents work. He discovered that there is a chance for inventors to make serious money by knowing how patents work. He then wrote a book and it became a major hit on Amazon.

Taking the Leap of Fate

But one of the things that helped Steve Barbarich improve was when he dabbled with online marketing and online businesses. He considers his ventures more than a Masters’s Degree in business. He understood how consumers behave and how businesses should take the chance to please their consumers.

He developed products that are not only loved by his niche, but he also tried to create a culture within his companies that will help not only the employees but also the customers. Steve Barbarich learned that a lot of businesses that failed online flopped not because of having a bad product but because they weren’t able to please their customers.
Starting a business is like taking the leap of fate. With so much at stake, Steve Barbarich repeatedly proved that you can learn a lot both from the success and failures of your own ventures.

Creating Opportunities

Steve Barbarich is known for creating opportunities that became successful ventures. To improve your skill, there are instances when you shouldn’t be waiting for opportunities. Instead, you can create opportunities for yourself. If Steve Barbarich became too complacent as an inventor, he would’ve been stuck in a company. He would’ve never written a book or even explored online marketing.

Understand the risks

Whenever Steve Barbarich tries to go for something new, he always keeps an open mind. He understands that it could either be successful or fail. Even if you can learn whether you succeed or fail, it is equally important to know the risks involved.

When he started his businesses, he never failed to do his due diligence. He covered all bases. He did his research and even interviewed potential customers to know more about their stance regarding the products and the services they are offering.

Steve Barbarich improved over the years. He developed not only as an inventor and a writer but also as an entrepreneur who helped solve a lot of consumer-related concerns. His mantra is to never settle where you are currently. He understands that acquiring knowledge and experience is part of self-improvement that every person should embrace.

Lessons from Steve Barbarich: How to Grow as an Entrepreneur Online?

Steve Barbarich is an inventor turned entrepreneur. Over the years, he was able to transition from designing different products to selling items online. For those who are aspiring to become an entrepreneur, what can we learn from his experience? How does an entrepreneur grow online?

Focus on your product

As an engineer, Steve Barbarich was hands-on when it comes to developing products sold on his website. He was able to develop products that are useful to his market. So what if you don’t have an engineering background? How do you develop a good product that will be well-received by the market? It’s all about raising your standard for the sake of your market.

A lot of entrepreneurs hire the right people, outsource the product development to experts, and do extensive research when it comes to developing their products. It is all about being serious about what you want to present to your audience.

Create a strategy that will make it easier for your market

One of the things that made Steve Barbarich start his own e-commerce business is the fact that businesses tend to not offer superb after-sales support for customers. Some companies made customers feel like they are being robbed. As a consumer, he saw a pain point. He had an answer to this which made it possible for his company to grow.
Aside from poor after-sales support, Steve Barbarich also noticed that there are products that are substandard since some companies are trying to skimp on materials.

Reviews will help or destroy you

Did you know that majority of consumers tend to do their research before they commit to a product or service? It’s easy to search for scams and bad reviews online. And if you just look at YouTube, there are a lot of channels dedicated to reviewing items.

The good thing about the internet is that it can also help with your reputation. Steve Barbarich understood that by providing good products to your customers, it is easy to get good reviews online.

Social media is also another avenue that can be used by businesses to prosper. It is easy to promote businesses via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even on Reddit. However, keep in mind that it can also backfire. If you don’t focus on your products and your services, it is easy for disgruntled customers to post via social media and make your company look bad.

Help the community

Some entrepreneurs think that helping the community is just an additional cost for their business. In reality, it is now becoming a practice by both small and large companies to help communities. Their reason is to promote their company and to capture the attention of consumers who are particular about corporate social responsibility.

Steve Barbarich is known for helping women who needed to do a mammogram. He also donated money for those who were affected by natural disasters. These are actions that can make a huge difference to the community. But at the end of the day, businesses can also be known as active members of the community and therefore be recognized by potential consumers.

Common Types of Businesses that Failed in 2020

The pandemic has changed the dynamics for a lot of businesses. According to Yelp’s data, in San Francisco Bay Area alone, there were approximately around 2000 businesses that closed permanently. And this isn’t exactly an isolated case.

Some countries have already fallen in to recession. And since the vaccine is not exactly something that would instantly make the virus disappear, a lot of businesses were forced to close. Many are losing their jobs because of this. Here are some of the businesses that failed in 2020 due to the pandemic.


The gym can be considered a hotspot where you can get the virus. Today, a lot of people are doing their workouts at home. This prevents them from breathing the same air as other gym-goers. Unfortunately, a lot of gyms closed all over the world. Many of these gym owners decided to call it quits and cut their losses. Though some gyms are allowed to open, they were only allowed to have at least 50% capacity. And for a lot of gym owners, this isn’t something feasible especially when the rent is at a normal rate.


Restaurants are another business that has been affected by the pandemic. Consider yourself lucky if you have a restaurant that is still running to this day. A lot of these restaurants are struggling to pay the bills and keep their employees considering the significant decrease of people eating in restaurants. The good news is that some restaurants have shifted towards delivering food to their customers instead of them eating inside the restaurant.

But still, a lot of restaurants either closed or decided to let go of some of their employees to stay afloat.

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Whether it’s in South Korea or other parts of the world, bars can be considered a hotspot. Could you imagine drinking during weekends? With disregard for social distancing when you are out partying, bars are not allowed to open during the pandemic.


If you have a startup and you have an OEM partner in China or India, don’t be surprised if there are delays. A lot of these factories have also adapted to the new normal. Some cities have adapted lockdowns that most of these factories are closed and failed to operate.
Companies such as Apple have suffered from these delays. Phones are made from China and since China was at the epicenter of the Covid19 pandemic, many of these factories failed to meet their obligations on time.


The transportation sector has also been affected. With people staying at home, taxis, busses, and trains have significantly decreased in the number of passengers. And this isn’t exactly surprising given the initiative of authorities to lessen the number of people moving around to slow down the spread of the virus.

A lot of businesses have been affected by the current pandemic. Businesses are closing left and right. Though the internet has helped a lot of businesses to adapt to the new normal and stay afloat, expect the economy worldwide to not look good. It will take some time before things go back to how it is.

Strategies on How Not To Get Scammed Online

One of the things that came with internet access is the number of people getting scammed. Almost annually, we get a lot of new scams reported to authorities. Unfortunately, as technology advanced, some of these scams became sophisticated to the point where people end up helpless.

If you are someone who wants to stay safe online, here are some strategies to stay safe. Her, you will be able to have a better understanding of how the internet is not a safe as you think.

Create Strong Passwords for Different Accounts

One of the biggest blunders that people make is not taking their passwords seriously. In reality, you can get hacked if you are using generic passwords. It is important to mix numbers and special characters if you are going to create a password. The best practice is to write everything on a piece of paper where you keep it at home. This will be a good way to make sure that you also don’t get to forget your password.

And also, be sure that you are going to notify your phone if someone starts to log in on your social media or your emails.

Sick of scam emails? Just forward them to Re:scam and enjoy the ...

Only use your devices to log in to your accounts

If you are going to use another person’s laptop or phone, be sure that you are not logging in to your social media or on your email. Make sure that you are going to only trust your device. You never know if you accidentally saved the password on the person’s device. This will become tricky especially when you are dealing with someone who wants to take a peek at your messages or on your accounts.

Invest in malware and antivirus

It is also a good idea that you invest in antivirus and malware to protect your information. This will prevent people from spying on what you are doing. The malware will do its job to eliminate things that can compromise your privacy.

Have files saved in a hard drive

You just can’t trust the cloud when it comes to information that will reveal your address and other personal info. What you want is to save it in your hard drive. You can have it backed up by another hard drive. And also, why not have it password protected as well. This can help you have peace of mind.

Don’t download apps that aren’t trustworthy

You want to make sure that you are only going for trustworthy apps. Also, make it a habit to read the terms and conditions before you even agree to download it. There are instances when the apps can compromise your information. TikTok, for instance, can gain access to your clipboard. If you happened to be copy-pasting your information such as your password and your email, then the app can access these things.

Don’t just trust a stranger online

If you receive an email from someone who you don’t know, be sure that you exercise caution. There are instances when they are simply trying to fish information and trying to get some cash or worse steal your identity.

Ways to Fight Back Against the COVID-19 Virus

In times of pandemic, it is important to always check your health. If you are immune compromised, there is a higher chance of mortality. With the COVID-19 spreading across borders because of our ability to travel across the world in large groups, everyone needs to check their health. What are ways to fight back against the virus?

Maintain good hygiene

First, it has been established that the COVID-19 virus can spread via droplets. Though updated studies are saying that it can spread via airborne, which means that the virus is suspended for a much longer period in the air. Apart from that, you can also get the virus from your hands when you touch objects that has the virus. This is why you want to maintain good hygiene. Hand washing can destroy the virus.

Carrying your bottle of alcohol always is a good way to stop the spread of the disease. However, it has been proven that soap and water can do better in terms of killing the virus found in your hands. However, you will have to do it for at least 20 seconds.

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Wear protective masks as needed

Should you or should you not wear masks? If done properly, masks can help you at a certain point. However, if you are not in close contact with a person who is sick, this is pointless. You might want to leave the masks to your health professionals who are dealing with people who are sick.


If you are suspected of having the virus, the next move is to make sure that you self-quarantine. The incubation period for the virus is said to be 14 days. After 14 days, you will be able to see the symptoms. At times, it takes just 4 days and the symptoms are going to appear. Unfortunately, you can be contagious even if you don’t have the symptoms yet. The best step is to make sure that you stay away from healthy individuals and practice proper self-quarantine protocols.

Consider eating health

Now, you want to also strengthen your immune system. This way, in case you get the virus, you have a fighting chance against it. There is no cure for the virus. One case even mentioned that Gatorade was the only thing given to her plus she was isolated. It means that the body’s immune system is going to work against the virus.

Sleep 8 hours or more

Another important step is to sleep for more than 8 hours. If you can sleep for more than 8 hours, your body gets to recover. Be sure to sleep in the dark and at night as well if you want to maximize the benefits of resting.

Limit your interactions

And lastly, if it is not too important, might as well don’t leave your house. You want to limit your interactions. Be sure that you only do things that are necessary such as going to the grocery.

We are now dealing with thousands of cases of COVID-19. With these steps, it is possible to minimize the impact of the virus. This can also keep the health infrastructures afloat worldwide.