How to Spot the Best AirBnb Option

Given the popularity of share economy today, a lot of people are no longer staying in a hotel. Instead, they opt to choose Airbnb options. For starters, what can you expect from Airbnb? The concept is sharing a room or even the entire house for travelers. Not only does it provide extra cash for the host, it can also help travelers get the experience that they want without really dealing with the expensive hotel option. But of course, not all Airbnb hosts provide the best experience. Here are some tips on how you can find the best Airbnb option for you.


First, you want to make sure that you are going to take a closer look at the location of your Airbnb. Be sure that it is accessible to the places that you want to visit. You also want to assess the distance of the location in relation to public transport. It is a good choice to stick to a place with access to a train station. Here, you will be able to get to different parts of the city as you travel.

Read the reviews

The last thing that you want is to encounter a host that doesn’t reply to your inquiries and messages. What you want is to have a host that can assist you whenever you need anything. What you can do is to take a closer look at the reviews. Usually, it is a good idea to stick to tried and tested hosts. Though they often times have a higher rate for their room, it is usually worth it as you don’t have to worry anymore.

Check the internet

You also want to have access to the internet if you are going to stay in your Airbnb. There are some Airbnbs for rent that has choppy internet connections in some areas of the house. Be sure to ask the host about the internet before you even book. This can help communication easier with your host.

Choose between shared room and private room

There is a big difference between sharing the room with other travelers and having a private room. First, let’s discuss the cost. It is a common occurrence that you can save a good amount of money if you are going to share the room with other individuals. Unfortunately, you also have to consider your privacy and if you don’t want to be disturbed.

There are instances when the difference isn’t really much. For this scenario, you have to consider a private room. Also, you may want to ask the host if there are any people staying in the shared room. There are instances when you can save some money paying only for shared room option but in reality, you have the room all by yourself.

If you are going to choose to stay in an Airbnb, it is a good idea that you take a closer look at these details. Be sure that you are going to also compare at least three Airbnb options. This way, you will be able to get the best deal.

Travel Tips for Those with Small Budgets

It seems that every time you log into Facebook and Instagram that you see a lot of people posting travel photos. Unfortunately, a lot of us can’t travel as much as we wanted to. Traveling costs a lot of money. And with responsibilities on your way, it is important to prioritize the more important things.

So have you ever thought if it’s a possibility to travel even if you don’t have a huge budget? The answer is yes. There are creative ways how you can travel. Here are some tips for those travelers dealing with a small budget.

Find a way to earn more than you usually do

The first thing that you have to do is to make sure that you have as much money as you can bring to your trip. Keep in mind that you should never be using your emergency fund or your savings if you are going to travel.
Instead, you want to have a separate travel fund. One of the best ways to do this is by working extra hours. Or perhaps, you want to find a way to earn extra money with a side business.

Buy the tickets ahead

As a general rule of thumb, you want to make sure that you are going to buy your ticket ahead of time. You don’t want to buy your ticket a few weeks before the trip itself. You also want to compare the flights. It is even a good idea to maximize the promos provided by budget airlines. Though they are offering subpar services in terms of in-flight meals and other amenities, you can still get to your destination for a significantly cheaper price if you do this.

Visit during off-peak

You also want to know when to travel. If you are traveling during peak season, expect that everything can be so expensive. Instead, know the months with the least number of tourists in the place where you want to visit.

Go for AirBnb instead of hotels

You also want to dump the hotels and stick to other alternative options. One of the best options is to stick to AirBnb. You can choose between homes, condos, and even budget hotels are starting to sign up on AirBnb offering competitive pricing for its clients.




Pack only what’s necessary

You also want to make sure that you are just bringing the most necessary items. As rule of thumb, you would want to bring everything in a backpack. This way, you also don’t have to pay for check-in fees. In addition to this, you may even have the mobility that you need when using public transport. You can make use of trains instead of using taxis.




Know where to eat

This part takes a lot of research. In fact, there are travelers who opt to cook and bring food with them as they travel. This helps them save a lot of money during the entirety of the trip. You can also try to check the internet for the best spots that other budget travelers could actually recommend.

Traveling shouldn’t be too expensive if you know your options. These are just some tips that can help you explore new places without burning your funds completely.