Ways to Lose Weight Without Losing Muscle Mass

A lot of people overlook the fact that muscle mass is important. It is important not only because it improves your looks. It is important because it helps you in so many ways.

It is imperative that you don’t lose your muscle mass simply because it helps supports your movement. Muscle mass is also needed in order to perform physical activities whether you are running or you are lifting. However, a lot of people today are simply trying to lose weight causing the body to lose its muscle mass in the process. So what could be the best thing that you can do to still lose weight without losing the muscle mass?

Eat enough protein

Protein is important in order to build muscle and to make sure that you don’t lose muscle when you are doing physical activities. In order to meet your body’s protein requirement, it is imperative that you check the amount of food that you eat. Chicken breast is a staple in meeting a person’s protein requirement for the day. In addition to this, it is also practical to make use of protein supplements. What makes protein supplements a great option is the fact that you can actually absorb the protein in your muscles fast. Whey protein that goes with BCAAs is becoming popular because this can even be taken during the workout in order to prevent catabolism.

Don’t run for over 30 minutes

You have to understand that running can catabolize the muscles as well. Though you are burning fats, you can be burning the muscle mass making your body thin in the process. As a good way to stop muscles from being catabolized, you’d rather stick to sprints. This can help you lose fats without burning your muscles. And also, be sure that you only do it for only 30 minutes.

Lift heavy

Another important tip that you will have to follow is to lift heavy. This prevents the body from losing your muscle mass. Also, there are some workouts that help burn body fats. For instance, front squats can burn fats in your abdominal region and the same goes for deadlifts.


Rest is also an important part of recovery and building muscle. If you don’t take a good amount of rest, then most likely, the body won’t have enough time to rebuild the muscles. Sleeping 8 hours a day is a good way to ensure that the body is going to recover especially if you are going to train extensively.
A lot of people forget to have a rest day as well. You have to understand that as you age, the time needed for the body to recover also increases.

Know which carbohydrates to consume

It is also important that you eat the right carbohydrates. Whole grains can be a great option. This way, your body doesn’t burn the protein that you took. And it means that there is more protein for muscle recovery. The timing of consuming carbohydrates can also be tricky.

If you want to lose weight without losing your muscle mass, you will have to plan things carefully. It is important that you don’t stick to just running.